Just bought the game - unable to download

hi everyone, just bought the game, get the download started and it fails. First attempt at 95% second attempt at 20% what is the magic to get the game to download?


  • MannyManny WA State
    I'm in the same boat as RevJoe, I've paid for it but every download is corrupt.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Try downloading from somewhere else (work, friend's house), or use a download manager (i.e. a plugin for your browser).
  • Try from direct link

    Else try turn off anti-virus which might also give issues with normal installation.
  • I am getting the same issue. Firewall turned off, using the download manager plugin, accessed from multiple browsers. Always a checksum failure error on install. Says to delete and download fresh. Can't count how many times I have tried to do this in different ways. People have been having this issue since early december and LoA is apparently refusing to fix. Going to lodge a complaint with paypal and try to get my money back.

  • Never had issues but many had with anti virus running and if you use that link directly no issues from anyone who had this issue
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