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    [EU] Aria Europe PVE - Our Legends of Aria Community server.


    [EU] Aria Europe was initially setup to promote LoA in Europe pre-Crimson-Sea era.
    Today we try to be the home of all people who are not happy with the freedom to kill others without consent.

    You being free to roam all of Celador without others trying to stop you.
    Explore it all, see it all with your own eyes.
    Doing missions, gathering resources in far off places, building your house where you like.
    Experiencing the dragon-spawn without being player killed and robbed of your earnings.

    Off course you can use the Karma system to go Chaos. By doing so you consent in being attacked by others. Or you can join a fraction (Fire or Water) and battle for success.
    Or even create a Guild and declare war on other Guilds and fight for domination.

    [EU] Aria Europe PVE follows the official ruleset except for the freedom to kill all.
    We are patching our servers in cooperation with Citadel Studios and after the update been proven stable on the official servers.

    We are so far not adding nor modifying the original content.
    The player database is running on servers of Citadel Studios thanks to their cluster technology.
    We do not plan any wipe except when advised by Citadel Studios or as a last resort.

    [EU] Aria Europe PVE is running on three servers, each powered by Intel Xeon x64, 24 cores and 64GB memory. Depending on the number of players this can evolve. Our servers hosting is aranged for the next two years.

    All players on [EU-BE] Aria Europe PVE are equal. No favours will be given to few.

    Hope to see you soon in game on [EU] Aria Europe PVE

    Server restart every night at 4:00 CET

    Do not forget to pay your TAXES if you place a plot/house!

    Also join our Discord Channel
    Official Legends of Aria website
  • A Website for our community server :
  • Latest update installed - same version as official servers
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    thank you for the update!
  • Thank you for making this server !
  • pleasure is mine
  • server up with latest CS version, please be aware to use latest client
  • People asking me what to do on (eu) Aria Europe PVE.

    So I try to give some story to what could be happening in Aria. The more you read the difficult it gets, so it is also a kind of leveling guide.

    An Evil Raising

    * Lurkers are panicked and trying to get out of the sewers
    * Animals in the wild are getting aggressive
    * Strange sounds are ringing in our ears
    * Bandits are grabbing their chances and are robbing innocents on the road
    * Goblins are attacking Orc encampments
    * Trolls are coming into the daylight and destroying all
    * Undeads are raising from their graves
    * Bone mages setting a town on fire
    * Lichlords are roaming the lands and building orifices to the underworld
    * Horgoblins claiming our land
    * Old dwarven town near Eldier has an Imp infestation. Who knows what lives deeper inside?
    * An upcoming rotten smell from Blackforest swamp
    * Spiders are crawling out of their webs and going for the kill
    * Scorpions are growing huge
    * Miners and lumberjacks are treated in their daily work
    * Gazers gathering on an Island that need to be cleansed

    The bards of Aria are telling stories about people disappearing near an ancient place called Catacombs. What Evil power are we dealing with? Are you the hero who will solve this mystery?

    A quest is at hand

    * Explore the sewers in Eldier, Helm, Valus, Pyros Landing
    * What is happening at the local graveyards of our major towns?
    * Make your way to all bandit camps and discover the point of interest
    * Investigate the Orc camp near Pyros landing
    * Do missions in all major towns
    * Go see what is raising from the graves at the Valus graveyard
    * Look for the harpies in Blackforest
    * Hold off Horgoblins claiming our land
    * Adventure into Corruption
    * Discover all mining caves
    * Put down the beetles at their nest
    * Track down the Dire Wolf and Dire Bear
    * No mercy for the pirates at Pirate grotto
    * See the size of the scorpions with your own eyes
    * Located Gazer Island and undo the evil roaming there
    * Take a break at the beautiful Aria beaches

    Acquire the knowledge of the awakening danger (groups)

    * Cut down the Baron of Black forest
    * Slay the drake in his lair

    Decimate the followers of his royal badness (groups)

    * Expose the Cultist King and un-throne him

    Solve the mystery of the three skulls (groups)

    * Deep inside the Blackforest an old dungeon needs your attention. It is foretold the dungeon champion’s skull can be used to partially solve the Catacomb mystery.
    * Along the road to Pyros landing another piece of the mystery can be found.
    * Into the heat of the burning sun a dungeon can be found holding the last part of the mystery.

    Down into the realm of Evil (groups)

    * Open the gate to the Catacombs dungeon and full fill your destiny
  • i miss my server !! patch please :)
  • Server as been updated to sync with client update, have fun.
  • Great Harry, thanks a lot to keep the server always up to date!
  • baldrithbaldrith
    Thanks a million!
  • KatsPurrKatsPurr Finland
    Started playing on your server a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm having a great time. The server seems to be working smooth as butter. Thank you for all your hard work Harry and gang!
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    hehe I see you put Trammel on there ;)
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