[ARK] is recruiting.Crimson Sea.

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We are Hard-Core Player versus Environment guild,EU/NA,mmorpg veterans,newcomer friendly,competitive.
For more info apply or join our discord server https://discord.gg/uNvW5z5


  • Yes Walty we are stil recruiting!
  • AnastasiusAnastasius Holeindawood
    What means ARK?
  • ARK means ARK^^
  • or ask Noah...
  • I'll join when i come online
  • Who is Noah?
  • AnastasiusAnastasius Holeindawood
    So ur agenda is to convert tamers? The PETA of LoA with a biblicle touch? :D
    No strsly, i thought ARK is a abbreviation for something.
  • ^^ wel not Intensional. de meening ;)
  • Hehe, naa we just trying to provide savehouse for all kinds...
  • Come join us if you want,make recon and decide later if you like to play with us^^...
  • felbrogfelbrog United States
    I am NA and fell in love with this group. Great people great voices, friendly to new and old players. The guild is just starting so come grow with us! A+ guild
  • Thank You very much appreciated.
  • AnastasiusAnastasius Holeindawood
    Walty said:

    Come join us if you want,make recon and decide later if you like to play with us^^...

    I played with you both in the banditcamp, dont you remember? :D And nah, sry. Seems i dont will stay on this server, sry. :/

  • Ok my friend i understand the ping issues especially when you play really competitive.Anyways gl^^.
  • We are stil recruiting!
  • Bitconeeeeeeeeeeeect^^
  • innocent bump^^
  • WatemperWatemper United States
    I just got this game...Haven't played it yet since I was dling it last night, but I am looking for some people to play with.
  • And we was waithing for You my friend...
    plz set up your main nick on discord like in game and join lobby of [ARK] server.
    Somebody will take you from there^^
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    ignore this my apologies im on azure sky
  • sorry to hear that...meaby someday my friend meaby someday^^
  • @Dragoonkain You are stil welcome in the future! or in other Games!
  • @Watemper We are stil recruiting!
  • Join us on the LOA official discord Crimson Sea voice channel to meet us!
  • Yes please come and join us we are realy newcomer friendly.
  • We are still recruiting^^
  • felbrogfelbrog United States
    We need more crafters and casual players, all are Welcome to join us! Join our gaming family.

  • We need also pvpers all kinds especially OW ZvZ shoot-callers with proper english^^ and skill ( not only pushpush/backback^^) likewise MOBA premades for gvg purposes( for whom gear will be provided/pvpers do pvp^^)
  • just a bump^^
  • Are you still recruiting?
    How many are in the guild and what nationalities mainly?
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