Atlas, where to get maps to fill it?

not sure if this is functioning in the game yet or not. I bought an atlas, checked gamepedia and read this. " Beyond the memorized map ("M"), you can buy an atlas and add the same maps you buy to memorize to it. An atlas bought from NPCs will be empty (all regions covered in fog) and you will need to fill it" where do I get/ buy the maps to fill it? I love maps and this would neat to have one to carry with me.


  • You can buy maps at the General Store in each town for 2 silver. And when you find certain places while wandering, it'll save them as marks on your "M" map.
  • thanks a bunch. Is it worth it to buy the maps? or just wander around and find points?
  • ZarwaddimZarwaddim USA
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    You get a map for your starter area. You have to buy a second map of that area to put in your Atlas. You can save "pins" in your Atlas of locations special to you. Discovery of certain areas goes in your main map, I think.

    Note, you have to buy TWO maps in each zone's general store if you want to put one also in your Atlas. The first is your in-game "M" map - notice if you don't the area is kind of greyed out in your world map (meaning you can't "see" the area). The second you drop in your Atlas.

    Basically, the Atlas is personal to you. You might pin areas of special interest there...
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