New player questions - fishing, macroing, current builds

Hi there, i'm new here.
I was wandering a few things. The first one is: is it possible, or legal, to macro skills on the official servers? Because i noticed maxing fishing would be pretty boring otherwise, a skill i like for the chance to pick treasure maps and similar stuff. If macroing isnt legal, is there a way to create just manual shortcuts to a whole action - say: fishing skill, last target, much like in the old times of UO?

Secondarily, i was searching for a place to see and compare different character builds. I am currently in need for a build for a PvE melee character which could give me room for fishing and treasure hunting, but I would be interested in PvP builds too for the future.
Thank you all


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    You can do custom commands using /custom , but as for macros I don't know. I know using any programs is illegal, though.
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