My Taming Guide 71,1 to 84,6

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Hi eveyone,

after reaching the 84,6 in taming and now having "endless fun" on the beach... I'd like to share what i've figured out to make the way from 71,1 (when you can tame Elks) to 84,6 (when you can start taming crabs).

1. Get a giant beetle, right northwest from the gatekeeper in oasis.
2. Bring some heal for your beetle

I've found a route with three hotspots, where 3-4 Elks spawn around. You will find out thier possible locations in the marked zones easy. Just go from one spot to the next, tame every Great Hart, Grizzly, and of course Elk on the way. Kill some Trolls for Beastmastery & Money.

At the End of the route you should have 100-150 leather hides, 10-20 beast leather hides, 50-75 tender meat, 20-25 silver and some stuff you collected while taming.... and of course some taming skill!

Here's my route with the three areas of elk spawns, when you've done the third... start again!



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