Finding maps to go treasure hunt

Hello everybody, just wanted to ask where do I find treasure maps in the game. I know people are getting them from fishing but that's definitely something I don't want to do so... do I have any alternatives you are aware of? Thank you


  • The maps you get from fishing are not treasure maps in a sense that you don't need treasure hunting to locate them. Anyone can find the location and fish them up but they do require a certain amount of lockpicking to open.
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    I find some on mobs in every town sewers. But they are pretty rare.
  • GustafGustaf Danmark
    They are almost non existant, other than frayed and tattered, which are the lower tier (1 and 2) maps. I levelled my treasure hunter to the 60ies but stopped as I have only found 1 fancy map.
  • I once used my shovel randomly on some spot on the ground and I dig out a map, so I guess that's one way to go, though it seems pretty stupid...
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