hard to get around

hey all,

First of all is there a world chat or something ?

I started playing yesterday but facing some problems.
Tamed a horse but I can's seem to interact with it, when hoovering over I see the … but clicking won't do a thing.
I saw something like the dismiss command but can't seem to use it aswell.

Strange thing is I can't seem to loot stuff either. I killed a few bandids and some critters but when clicking on them it does nothing.

left click = select single right= interact?


  • I take that back , after a lot of tries I suddenly got the interact menu.
  • There's a Discord chat channel, it's somewhere here in this "New Player Nook".
  • Hey.

    First of all, there is no world chat. The local/say chat is the only thing you'll get. If you want to communicate with other people, try visiting the Legends of Aria Discord, you can add your server there and it will give you additional channels like "trade". It's easier to coordinate there.

    When it comes to interaction, you have different possibilities. Right clicking usually gives you a context menu with different options. For your horse, you can simply double left click on it to mount or dismount. Same for looting, as it will open the "coffin window". When you right click instead, on a horse you'll get the option to dismiss it (put it in your bag) or stuff like releasing it (send it away). For looting, you'll get the options to "loot all" and stuff like that. If you quickly want to "loot all" you can also only ALT + Leftclick on a body, it will do the same.

    So yeah, single left click is usually "target", double left click is "interact" and right click gives you a context menu.
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