Knocked a player out house and killed him

Ok a guildie was in his house (its a 20x15) and udl surrounded it and some how kicked the player out the backside of the house to kill him. And can you please explain to me why this bu is even possible and why nothing has been done to fix this bug and the ones using it? Have had a account for very long time now an have now drastically came to the point I am not promoting this game any longer an now may start giving this game the worst raing I have ever done for any due to the bugs that are now and have been around since alpha and beta and nothing has been done bout them whats so ever.


  • Did you report the issues and players?
  • Well reported here, told the player that it happened to, do it right then. And then i went above and beyond that to have it directly told to devs. Next step is to drive 45 mins and see the game devs in person and see why ain't they got up an doing something yet lol
  • You live in the Caribbean? Cause that's where they are with the early access money minus the 5% they paid the offshore b team.
  • Lol no doubt right
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    Boradic, if you don’t like this game sell me your account.. I’m in love and have a friend that would be greatful to play. ;)
  • I have had my account for plenty of time just some of these bugs should have been fixed way back in alpha not still existing now
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