Community Guidelines and Forum FAQ

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Welcome adventurer!

Welcome to the Legends of Aria community. To keep discussions constructive, we ask you to abide by our community guidelines.

Do not

- Instigate drama (posts covering in-game politics, PvP feuds or trade disputes will be closed)
- Engage in abusive, highly offensive, aggressive or toxic behaviour.
- Share information or details of exploits, macros, or bots.
- Advertise the buying or selling of accounts.
- Attempt to impersonate Citadel Studios staff.
- Share personal or sensitive information of other users.
- Share Admin content covered by NDA.
- Advertising 3rd party products & services.

Moderators will review infractions on a case by case basis and will do one or more of the following:

- Edit your post / title in such a way that it is compliant with the forum rules
- Close your post
- Remove your post
- Issues you with a warning
- Remove your posting rights - for a certain time or permanently
- Ban your account - for a certain time or permanently

If you have an issue with another user's post, please flag it and the moderation team will take care of the problem privately. Please be polite when flagging a post. Repeat false repeats will result in your flagging permissions being revoked.

If you feel that another user is harassing you personally and consider the issue sensitive enough that flagging is insufficient, you may bring it up with an administrator.

Citadel Studios reserves the right to update and change these community guidelines at its discretion. These guidelines are not complete and are not intended to be.


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    Forum FAQ:

    Q: I'm not getting the confirmation email for my forum account!
    A: Please check your spam folder. Emails are currently coming from community[splat] and you may need to add this address to your whitelist.

    Q: How do I mark a thread to watch?
    A: Clicking the star at the top right of a discussion will add it to your personal bookmarks. No one can see these but you.

    Q: Can I change my forum username?
    A: To change your forum name send an email to

    Q: I found a forum bug. How do I report it?
    A: Send an email to

    Q: Is _________ secretly a member of the Citadel team?
    A: All Citadel Studios team members are clearly marked in the header of their thread responses. We also try to use "_CS" on our forum and chat usernames. We will never use "incognito" accounts for posting anonymously.

    Q: Why do I see #hashtags on the forums?
    A: The forum will automatically turn #hashtagged text into a search link. The hashtagged term must appear in the middle of a line of text, not at the beginning or end, for the automatic formatting to appear.
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