Most viable weapon type without shield

Hey guys,

I plan to start a build that don't wear shields and so there is all the time one hand free.
STR is just 35 and can only use 2 weapon skills before my stamina is empty.

Now I have some issues to decide which weapon type should give me most versatility for pve & pvp (not PKing).

Piercing? Fine in PvE and I like fast weapons. Gives a very quick way to use mortal strike and bleed. But the damage is for my opinion too low because heals in this game are so strong. As a hybrid weapon awesome but as standalone?

Bashing? High damage with the 2h hammer and a fast 1h weapon for mortal strike. But don't has Concus which should be very important for PvP while the most characters use magic?

Lancing? Good damage with polearm and nice AOE usability but there is no weapon which can be categorized as "fast". Here I'am not sure if the damage is high enough to bring someone in real trouble because the mortal strike can come a bit to late.

What are you experiences with that weapon types?

Thank you very much for your input. =)


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