Terrible choppiness on good system

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So I have a 6 core Intel Xeon processors 3.4 GHZ
32 GB of ECC RAM
4 GB RX 560 Video card
Windows 10
and the game is choppy as hell...
While I was participating in Alpha and Early Beta there were no such issues on the very same computer. No idea what has been done over the last couple of updates but its pretty terrible at the moment.

If there are any fixes please do let me know


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    So I am assuming it is an issue with the Xeon processor since devs switched to 64 bit. On very low and very high settings there is no difference in FPS so that is the only thing I can think of?

    Is anyone else here with a Xeon processor to confirm ?

    The other things I am thinking is that it could be some sort of a driver issue with AMD cards, but cba to switch my card to nVidia.. The above configuration is a 2011 Mac Pro, but I can't see why that would matter as all the hardware in this machine is fully supported by Windows etc. I am going to give it a try on one of my PC configs I have used for Crypto mining that has a really good Ryzen processor on.

    edit: so on the rig with Ryzen processor and absolutely same video card the game runs like butter...honestly seems like with is a processor thing

    edit 2 : going to run the experiment now by installing win 7 on my original machine to see if this does something
  • Have you found anything out? I have a MSI GT70 Dominator Pro and I've never experienced such poor performance in any other game.
  • Ended up getting a cloud comp pc from shadow.tech pretty ridiculous but does show just how much I want to play LoA
  • I experienced a similar problem. After downgrading the Nvidia graphics card driver, the game seems to run fine. Using the Geforce Game Ready Driver version 416.34.
  • The client still needs optimization, they're hoping to fix that by EA
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