Are instance mines/dungeons planned?


I´ve really enjoyd playing LOA, but constantly dying to players suddenly comming running, training an armys of mobs in the mines, or the confusion of running dungeons with players running past, making strategy basicly impossible, has me really missing instances.
Are these planned, or are there allready instance dungeons in the game?


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    AFAIK they are not planned. You might as well try a community server.
  • Exactly the answer I was not hoping for. but thanks anyways ;)
    I´d love to play old school strategic, find a good spot and pull monsters, or trying to sneak mines above your level for instance. But both are completely ruined, by everywhere interesting being bussy as a trainstation.
    You might be right with the community servers, I used to really enjoy playing nwn, which was open world to, but the way lower player numbers on servers made it a lot more bareble. Id just hate to spend a ton of time on a community server, just to see it go away, when the owner gets bored with it.
  • Just realized I posted this in the wrong section, meant it to be in the general section... talking about how you dont want to join a community server, in the community server section, is pretty well done for a first post... Comming from nwn I very much appriciate the effort that goes into making one though ;)
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
  • MhikhailMhikhail United States
    You might want to look at a server like Teirvanon, or Novus. Both have teams of people working on things and are groups that have existed for years. I find that both servers have teams adding a lot of stuff that isn't in the official server and are constantly working on them. I doubt that either goes away.
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