you broke my torch

why did they mess around with torches? now i have to chop wood in the dark.


  • hard to tell what kind of tree in the daytime when its raining and lightning and torch is automatically out cuz its daytime. Even in some caves when you step on a certain tile the torch goes out. Why automatically go out in daytime? Let the player decide when to put it out or to light it up... we don't need no water let the m'f burn.
  • I think it's also weird your character constantly holds a torch in their hand. Why can one not just equip the torch went it's dark? I find it really odd
  • Dumbest "fix" ever. they should actually invest their time into fixing all the performance issues..and maybe adding some content. Instead, they do stupid shi* like this.
  • allow some different light options. Perhaps an orb that you can summon to float around and light the area, or even add light bugs that are tamable and transferable like horses. Little things make the game fun in a big way. Maybe even add a miners cap with a candle or something. I could prob design all of these in less than an hour and have the assets ready.
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    Seems like the light spell is pretty standard lore. I was shocked when I went to scribe one and its not there. And then went to buy a new torch and the dumb thing wont even light.
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