Mage Armor X Stuns or Mage Armor Cooldown

Mage Armor ability is to prevent interruptions, but last only for 10 seconds, what is not enough for a mage to stand a chance against an Archer or even to kill anyone on 1v1.

Besides that, the cooldown is a long 2 minutes. So you have a window of just 10 seconds to try kill someone each 2 minutes.

And the worst, i don't actually get those 10 seconds because it's not preventing interruption by Stun Abilities (Charge, etc.)

I think this need a rework... Mages are good for bursting mobs, but really underpowered against players...


  • play an archer, then we talk again
  • Mages are totally overpowered atm. Probably you are doing something wrong..
  • Lol, no chance WITH mage armor? For me its balanced without mage armor. With it.. thats a different topic and i expected an other direction of your thread. Not even sure if your post isnt sarcastic
  • How can an archer be that much threat against a mage?, sure we have stun shot... but no real burst dmg.
    Of course I have not done that much pvp so its a real question ;)
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