Hello there, I have done a lot of report in game but nothing is happened.
My bank is bugged. I have lost a book and around 8 gold that was all gold that i have gainded in this day.
The problem is that if i move things in the middle of the create bank the items disappear or if i missclik items they disappear too.
I request and ugend fix plz and if is possible to give back my gold and book .


  • If you haven't already I recommend emailing the developers directly to get help quicker. See https://forums.legendsofaria.com/discussion/2087/contact-email-address-contact-citadelstudios-net
  • done from ages ... nothing is happened ....
  • This sucks, but I had to learn the hard way that they won't restore any lost items or gold.

    I lost 20 gold due to a 100% reproducible bug which is still in the game until this very moment. When you place a plot deed, or resize your existing plot and make a commit (mine cost over 18g) and this is done either just before a server crash or within the 5 minutes of a server restart, when the server restarts, the plot will be gone, but also your plot deed is gone. Same for for the resizing commit. The plot will not have saved the resize, but the gold you spent for the commit, is gone.

    Frustrating part is, it's 100% reproducible, yet when I contacted citadel, they replied with this:
    We regrettably do not restore items or houses that are destroyed, lost, stolen or are misplaced via player error, game bugs and/or glitches. If another player used an exploit to acquire items that were not accessible, we will investigate the exploit but we will not return any lost or stolen items in most cases.
  • I'd like t o confirm that I lost some stuff in my bank too.
    Items are "not so valuable" but still suck... I spend time to get it and now it's just disappear :/

    As the dev will not refund.. I'm regrettably victim of a database issue :(
  • heuuu wtf? That just happened again... I lost all my ressources now..

    No way i'll gain loyalty points with a bug like this

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ɐᴉɹɐ ɟo spuǝƃǝ˥
  • I'd like to let you know that all my stuff is back =]
    probably a client side glitch or something
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