MAKE A JAIL FOR BOTTERS, Sick of this, How about making someone ANTI BOT POLICE?

This is Thulsa Doom Boting, there are more people not only doing this, but Exploiting a known bug, and I wonder how many have reported it, making your self a victim to a blue character only to kill them in guards, I have you recorded, I will make sure you don't play till the game releases, because of your behavior.
I want others to post and call out these pieces of shit that will destroy this game if unchecked. NEG, PVE, UHHH, are more of the clans involved in this type of behavior, please report and record. MAKE VIDEO GAMES GREAT AGAIN.

btw, just for a side note, if you were going to cheat against someone with that someone right next to you, would you do it?


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