gold blacksmith table

I was doing work orders in blacksmithing and got a gold blacksmith table. I have not opened it yet. My question is what is it used for and if I open it and set it up can it be moved.


  • Decoration for your plot, and yes it can be moved / rotated
  • Is it just decorative or can it be used?
  • HamsenHamsen Virginia, USA
    Just decoration as far as I can tell.

    However does anyone know if there are any other colors than Gold that drop? I have like six of them now all gold colored, just curious.
  • Probably not at the current time - I've gotten tons of iron weapon racks from turning in carpentry work orders and never received copper/gold or obsidian ones.
  • I have a gold pickaxe from a blacksmith work order.
  • Yeah bit this is related to the furniture rewards you get from turning in a completed work order
  • I've Cobalt and Copper blacksmith tables and selling them at my shop south of Helm Moongate, right outside broken city walls. (Crimson EU) Look for Quelnil's vendor shop post in EU Vendors discord channel.

    Haven't managed to get an Obsidian one yet.
  • Good to hear this.
  • The tables should be able to be used imo, when those first came out as a reward a lot of people suggested that we should be able to use them. Looks as though it's still a useless item.
  • If you like playing with dolls and decorating your doll house this game is epic!
  • I have two obsidian tables. Yay me.
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