Any PVE only servers US?

I am only interested in a PVE server and the ones I've seen are only EU. Anyone know if there is a U.S. being created or in the works? Also little worried that there are only like 8 community servers in the game that is launching. Thought there would be 3 or 4 times as much. Gives me a lot of worry about longevity.


  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    I play on Aria Moongate (EU) which is like 80% PVE I believe, I would like to find that video again where they showed the huge expanded PVE areas. Now I am U.S. and my ping is like 114, I can't even tell, runs just fine for me.
  • MhikhailMhikhail United States
    You might also try Novus Opiate Seclorum (NOS). It's still has the pvp areas, but is a pretty laid back server from what i can see so far. It also changes the rules a bit, with no limit to stats and skills. So rather that taking out a crafter character to mine, you can have mining on a combat oriented character and just fight back. Or be able to take some hits and get away.
  • With no pvp involved, the ping difference should be negligible
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    There is an EU server..

    [EU] Aria PvE

    I live east coast and no lag difference between US east official server and the above server.

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