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I wanted to take a minute to update you all on the recent crashes on Crimson Sea. We have narrowed it down to some issues with networking and certain connections. We made some changes earlier that improved it but did not completely eliminate the problem. We are working hard to find a solution as quickly as possible.

The good news is it appears our backup corruption we were experiencing last week is no longer happening. This means the worst case during a crash is just a 5 minute rollback to the last backup (assuming no new issues arise).

We greatly appreciate your patience with this issue. Many of these problems simply just did not turn up during beta testing because we had much less active players. Myself and Zenroth both have more than 10 years experience working on multiplayer servers and networking code and we are confident we will get these stability issues knocked out soon so everyone can enjoy the game uninterrupted.

Update: 6am EST/11am UTC
Zenroth ~ We're still looking into this issue at this time. Despite several network adjustments over the night stability problems still persist. Crimson Sea will be remaining offline as we dig deeper into this problem. We will be providing another update later today as we know more. Once again thank you all for your patience.


  • I've complained a lot about progression but as far as this goes i have no complaints keep up the good work and do the best you can that's all you can do. I'd rather see the game improving than you leaving broken servers up for players selfish reasons. Well.. Get back to fixing. :)
  • Do, what needs to be done :)

    You guys do a great job!
  • good job
  • 11:54Pm /EU

    Server again down
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    Ok,1 week headstart in wich 5 days of them, the server is off! This is more than annoying! It is VERY obvious that this game is FAR from a finished one! You should give yourself another year of development it! This is the very FIRST time i purchase a game,and i very much regret it so far! I even get a vacation from work,to be here, getting use of that advantage, but... here i stay wide-eyed infront PC,and do ... nothing!
  • RiticulusRiticulus switzerland
    There is not much trust left in you guys to be honest. Since release I managed to play 3 hours max. I payed 90 USD to get the lord package and a week headstart and now its not possible to benefit from it.

    Also all my communication attempts with you regarding a refund stay unanswered. This is very disappointing, and changes my way to look at supporting software companies with getting into early access programs.

    There is not much I can do as you stay silent, but rest assured that I will not stop communicating this issues in places with a bigger audience.
  • Sorry i never seen so a blame before .. this is a released game sure it Shows Early Access but alot Player payed Money for Headstart ALOT Money. and what is the reason .. Nothing no communiction Nothing .. all time lies lies lies . You know the Problem … ----> the Problem is no Server capazity. you rent poor Server to save Money for the EU market . that is all the reason for the Problem and stop tell us you digging any shit at the Server .. you can do Nothing only Change your fucking Hardware ..
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    Come on, guys! UO reincarnation should not be so zomby-like. You are still having a great credit from the UO veterans yet so much server downtime can barely be tolerated nowadays.
    And you should consider an experienced community manager for hire who will recover your karma :)

    PS: Please fix that Server Status indicator. It is no use in the current state as it shows Crimson green while it is missing in the lobby.
  • You should start refunding our money.
  • JadrimJadrim Germany
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    Your slogan was, Loa out now, Purchase the Game, 7 Day Headstart and keep what you get.
    I lost 3 Times my Stuff cause of Rollbacks and Server downs in bad moments.

    7 Day Headstart... 3 Days of it the Server was down... 3 Rollbacks and 100 Client Crashs.

    Yeah...Its Time to Fix it NOW or you lost your Players.

  • The Europe is still down. Sad. Very.
  • I believe that they didn`t even know that the server is down. It`s been 4 hours since it`s down.they still don`t have news on the problem ..
  • EspritEsprit Italy
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    Any news on the EU Server? I really love your work but i played more hours the first day that i bought it that in the last week, i'm not pissed or anything else bad against you but just a bit sad that there are so many issues.
    I don't know anything about servers or multiplayer games so i'll be patient and wait for you to fix it, i hope that it'll be really soon :) continue your great work!

    EDIT: 12/12 6.15pm GMT+1 Server crashed again two times, any news for the fix? Or anything to understand why it's crashing please?
  • So... EU server is the test server right?
  • Hey, how about a somewhat more detailed update of what is going on since Crimson Sea just crashed again?
  • this is not ur work!
  • I have seen a few people complaining about not having Headstart - you still have got a Headstart - work it out.

    The Headstart was deemed to be a headstart BEFORE Steam - Steam release has been delayed until January - you no longer have a one week head start - you have a few weeks.

    The game has always been available to be paid for via the legendsofaria website anyway - throughout beta and now it is no different other than people paying through the website will not get the Noble, etc packages that were available.

    We all still have a Headstart on the Steam release.
  • RiticulusRiticulus switzerland
    Crimson Sea is down again
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