Fabrication Orders (no recipe)

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Should vendors be giving crafting orders for recipes we don't have?
My specific issue is I don't have the recipe to make padded cloth, but the vendor will only give me orders to craft padded items. I have tried going to different towns, but no luck.
In addition, is there a forum or place for people to trade/buy/sell recipes?


  • MavisMavis mavishollyman@hotmail.com
    Basically I am stuck... I cannot get patterns without doing Vendor orders, and i cant do the orders.. because i don't have a pattern . Is this a bug, I've almost quit playing... sucks ya pay for a game and parts of it don't even work
  • People do sell them in their stores but I'm not aware of NPCs selling them. The crafting orders NPCs give are currently random. If you wait a while (though I don't know how long) they will change. As you fill orders that you have the ability to fill you'll gain scrolls which teach new items.
  • You may also want to join the discord chat and if you want to purchase scrolls as you may find sellers there. See https://legendsofaria.gamepedia.com/Legends_of_Aria_Wiki under the websites section.

    Hope this helps!!
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