Aria Moongate

Does anyone have any more information on this server? Do they have their own website/Discord or forum? I want to know more about their plans. I had heard of them from a video someone posted on thier projected plans, I liked what I seen, but now I can't find any info. Been on their server since the Official servers were off line, and really like it. They are pre-ore nerf, so that made it so I could actually afford to build my house (yay me), anway if anyone has any further info on these guys it would be greatly appreciated. And if you want to visit I am " Hawk's Landing " in Eldier, just north of the Horse stable.


  • BrewtonBrewton United States
    I would like to know the same thing. I too have been playing on it all weekend while the official servers were down. I generally like the server, just wish I was able to find out more as well.
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    Like your icon. I too was a big fan of NWN 1, and relate more to that than UO (never played it).
  • @Brewton @Hawkshield Great to see two other NWN players. What worlds did you play on?
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    I played for several years on Amia persistent world server, might still be around
  • HawkshieldHawkshield United States
    I think I have a set of characters now on each PVE server, does anyone else keep with the same characters and names no matter what games you play? Its been like that for me for about 15 years now lol
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