Does anyone roll hybrids? I was thinking: Channeling 80, Evoc. 100, Healing 80, Magic Affin. 80, Lancing 100, Lt. Armor 80 and Vigor 80. Stats: Str. 40, Agil. 25, Con. 25, Wis. 20, Int. 30 and Will. 10
What do ya'll think?


  • hybrid builds are def possible. tools are out there for us to choose wich ones we wanna use and how we wanna mix them.
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    I had 3 hybrids stun lock and condition spam on me while tickling me halberd and spells while I got cure and greater heal off consistently. Granted I died because no matter how you spin it was a 3v1 and my mana is not unlimited but it was a very good way into their psyche. Didn't care about dying as I have barely anything worth value but I wanted to see how the fight and how to counter in the future. I think the damage values in pvp is fairly spot on.
  • Why 100 Evocation? For Meteor? I think it would be better idea to get 100 Affinity and 80 Evoc and spam Ray Of Frost instead.
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    Well wouldn't say i made mine for pvp but it's a hybrid and surprisingly fun.

    100 Healing
    100 Vigor
    100 Lancing
    080 Manifestation
    100 Archery
    100 Light armor
    20 whatever (evo, chan, ...)

    38 agi, 21 int i think to have 76 stamina (=3x spear ability) and 52 mana (portal & resurrect). Rest in const and str

    Evasion, stun strike and either adrenaline rush or stun shot.

    Has mobility, flexibility between ranged and melee, can pull from a distance, cure.

    Wonder if 20 evo would give a good chance at poison
  • Stealth Hybrid

    100 Piercing
    100 Vigor
    100 Healing
    100 Stealth
    100 Hiding
    80 Manifestation
    20 Channeling

    30 str
    30 con
    45 agi
    25 int
    10 wis
    10 will

    I considered 20 evocation just for poison spam but have not tested the reliability of it.

    You can choose whatever weapon you prefer. Lancing and archery would be fine.
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