Why do such cool mobs, have such shitty drops =(


this thing took 2 in-game cycles to kill by myself, and i feel like it was a huge waste of time, im not even happy about the skill i gained as a player fighting this thing solo if all im looking forward to is 11 silver and some bars.
i feel like most of the cool monsters you expect to get neato things from, you just end up getting something along the lines of Reagent x5, Copper x 1000, i can just focus on the little rock sprites that drop half the silver the Lava golem does, but only has 400 hp vs 6000.
also my friend and i killed a "beholder" it gave us a Candle holder, and 3 [7x]reagents, 0 copper. talk about boner kill


  • The beholder has a small chance of dropping an artifact crate that drops EXTREMELY RARE ITEMS. Its about rng. Those golems also have a small chance of dropping skill books
  • is there any reliable bestiary source yet to find out if the monster im farming is a waste of time?
  • game is too new i guess, i would also love a loot table
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