Early Access Hotfix Notes (12/5/18)

MiphonMiphon Administrator
Servers will be coming down one at a time for the following patch:

- Prestige books now drop at the appropriate rate from Awakening Spawns.
- Rank 1 prestige abilities now require 3 Ability Points.
- Rank 3 prestige abilities now require 25 Ability Points.
- Item sell prices globally reduced.

- Metal nodes now take substantially longer to respawn.
- Wild iron nodes have been added to rocks outside of mines.
- Added Ash & Blightwood arrow recipes to Carpentry Crafting Orders.

- Oasis & Black Forest guards will only be called if the victim is in a Neutral territory.
- Any aggressive action in Neutral territory will result in neutral guards being called on the attacker.
- Removed guard towers from barrens and black forest.

- Added magic resistance to appropriate magical mobs.
- Mission monsters now leash to their lairs.

- Guild chat and guild formation issues resolved.
- Added "Lock title" button on achievement window.
- Resolved an issue where "Show title only" on achievement window did not show PvP titles.
- Adjusted timing of sunken treasure chest to align better with fishing animation.
- Resolved an issue with sunken treasure chests spawn in water.
- Terracotta Tuscan house door and sign position corrected.



  • FahQFahQ Michigan
    how bout awakenings, are they re-enabled?
  • Will other carpentry work orders be fixed? Like bows and shields?
  • Wait....with the sheer number of crafters in the starting areas...you made the metal nodes take LONGER to respawn?
  • What kind of "fix" is that? Make things better not worst
  • NorthWindNorthWind Brazil
    edited December 2018
    Miphon said:

    - Item sell prices globally reduced.

    Everyone is just too rich? Wtf guys...
  • great patch, this will stop the abuse of some "tactic" :P
  • title lock does not work...
  • Deepnined said:

    title lock does not work...

    Haha, yes.. :( it only locks the title from user changes, while playing the game it still randomly jumps around. Not quite what we (the players) wanted...
  • NyiteNyite Orlando, Fl
    the new arrow recipes do not work, it tell me that I have already learned that recipe !

  • The Plonk brothersThe Plonk brothers Australia
    edited December 2018
    Please make a change that makes anyone that brings 5 mounts with saddlebags to a mining area instantly red ;)

    Thanks for the updates. Coming from a game with no patches in 6 months, this is a breath of fresh air.
  • HOUSE DOORS ARE STILL BUGGED!!! You "professionals" fixed only one side orientated HOUSEs.... https://imgur.com/a/ooKF634 , Crimson EU coor. 2464.09;535.47
  • People are such assholes on this thread its hilarious lmao
  • Some people that reply to threads like that might think, that ressources, gamebalance and especially coding and testing is a magical process where you only snap with your fingers and everything is fine. Citadel Studios is doing a great job on developing and supporting the game (remember it's not EA with hundreds of people doing the job). Stop blaming them. LoA is an awesome piece of work and has topped my personal expectations of what it coud be. Hotfixes like that support stability and game-affords that you might not understand if you "only" play your own avatar ingame. And before you blame anyone keep in mind which things are allready working and how they were achieved with the low number of employees.
  • ArthisArthis Germany
    edited December 2018
    One idea on the metal-nodes for the future:
    Why not replace the metal rocks from the mines all over the map, it would end the overcrowded starting areas (esp. in helm) and also would lead to a more enjoying experience gathering the ressources as you also see a bit more of the map.
  • AkkarinAkkarin Australia
    edited December 2018
    Hi Guys,

    Loving the game so far but I do have a bit of an issue I'd like to express with these latest changes. It's about the difficulty of life as a blacksmith. I'll preface this by saying that I am only level 76 blacksmithing so my comments are more to do with the early life / leveling process and not so much late game.

    I think these two changes specifically have combined to have what I hope was the unintentional effect of massively nerfing blacksmithing as a profession.

    - Item sell prices globally reduced.
    - Metal nodes now take substantially longer to respawn.

    The main issue is that even before the changes making any money as a leveling blacksmith was difficult. But now it is even more difficult to the point that in my opinion it is almost impossible.

  • Breaking my post up a bit because it didn't display correctly.

    Vendor prices

    My understanding is that the reason vendor prices were nerfed is that you want to encourage more trade between players which I think is a good goal but the issue is that low level (and when I say low level I really mean <80) gear is just not valuable to players. And now it isn't valueable to vendors either. Considering a warrior earns way more then a blacksmith just from low level drops why would they bother buying a full iron set when they can just save up for an hour or two and buy significantly better gear which only very high level crafters can produce at a reasonable failure rate.

    Basically there are three ways to make money as a blacksmith:

    - Selling to other players;
    - Crafting orders; and
    - Selling to vendors.

    At low-medium levels selling to other players is basically impossible. I have a store that sells iron gear and I have ridden to banks selling it personally and have sold a grand total of 1 set (hopefully copper+ sells better). And even then I suspect that it will be very difficult to sell to other players if you don't have a shop in a good location, which if you don't already is now impossible.

    Crafting orders are wildly inconsistent and usually if you take them to make money, it means giving up blacksmithing experience as you rarely get an order for something that actually earns you good xp. On top of that they seem weirdly balanced, I've found that the higher the requirements of the crafting order the less profitable it is (at least for iron) which seems counter intuitive to me. I think they need to be re-looked at although I understand if that isn't a priority right now.

    And now the last method of selling to vendors, which even before wasn't a good method of making money imo, is now worthless.

    If the goal is to encourage more trade between players then that is a worthy goal but the way to do it is to make low level gear worth more to players, not to make it worth less to vendors. I understand that this is a much more difficult thing to achieve but nonetheless I don't think the current method is the right option.
  • Part 3 and final comment.

    Slower node respawn

    This is then exacerbated by the fact that now nodes take so long to respawn that it makes it much more difficult to acquire the resources in the first place. I am guessing that the reason this change was made is either to increase the time it takes to get to level cap which seems reasonable or to encourage players to venture out to other mines outside of Helm where there might be less competition.

    The problem here is that the server has been quiet today and still most of the nodes are depleted a lot of the time making it much more difficult to mine. I can only imagine what it will be like at times when the server is actually busy.

    If the reason was to encourage people to go to new mines then I think that is a good intention but the fact is that it just isn't worth leaving the safe zone and travelling even a small distance to mine iron in order to make what is ultimately worthless gear.

    Conclusion / TLDR

    Basically at the end of the day I think there needs to be some way to profit, even if it is minor, while you are leveling the blacksmithing skill. Not having that is frustrating and demoralizing. Sorry for the wall of text and despite having written mostly criticism in this comment I really do enjoy the game and think you guys have done a fantastic job so far. Keep up the good work, but please help us blacksmiths out a little as well.

    A begging, broke blacksmith.
  • Wow, these are some serious changes. Because of the Guard Tower I grabbed a land in the Black Forrest and now it's gone? I gotta check this out lol ... and yeah ... mining stuff takes now way longer and tbh - a mining / smith player ... how should he make money now? Hmm... gotta find this out :D
  • Well, since copper is now only 2 instead of 12 worth, everybody who got a lot of money before this patch has now his house and everybody else not ;) ... are there any price lists from what to what you changed everything?
  • The worse part is, I spend a lot of money for the slot, then for resizing it, wanted to farm now the money for the house itself - but this will take ages now ... even the money for next tax is gone, when I reclaim the landmark, right?

    Hmmm... would be cool for the future, if you announce such dramatically changes.
  • Added "Lock title" button on achievement window.
    Dont working still randomly change of titles
  • But somehow I've the feeling you reduced everything too much.

    iron Ore = 1c
    iron = 5c (5 iron ore = iron)
    mace = 10 c (2 iron = mace)

    So it doesn't matter if you invest time into crafting something when you do not get any reward ... and tbh, there are not enough non smiths on the server to buy at least from time to time from everyone something ... hmmm feels somehow bad.
  • TaanwongTaanwong United Kingdom
    edited December 2018
    So basically me and my other half play together, i took Fabrication, she has focused BS and mining. until today we were earning a fairly equal amount of coin.

    as of today i am earning at least 3x as much as her. that is even considering that saddlebags are now so so much harder to sell as nobody is mining due to the huge nerf.

    This has basically broken the early game economy and needs addressing asap.
  • Ok so I've gotta weigh in on this one:

    I agree with the metal nodes taking longer to respawn.
    I agree with iron spawning in the wild.
    I completely disagree that the only places you should be able to find copper ore and above are in mines.

    I think that iron, copper, and to a more rare extent gold, should spawn both in mines and freely in the world in safe zones.
    Gold ore should be common compared to cobalt and obsidian in the wilds, but all three should spawn inside and outside of mines in the wilds.

    I would like to take this time to provide feedback on mining gains.
    I gained on iron all the way to 80 and hit a dead stop. I also stopped gaining from copper and gold at the same time. The only way for me to gain skill from 80 on is on cobalt and obsidian now. Those ores were already fairly rare to begin with, now I'm debating my choice in skills.
    I don't think you should be able to gain on iron past 70, copper to 80, gold to 90, and need cobalt and obsidian to get to 100.
  • Changes like this should happen in a beta where a wipe is happening. As of right now, the players who "abused" the mechanic are so far ahead, and everyone else is playing catch-up with 1 leg. There are people with thousands of iron ore stocked up - which won't happen for newer players for ages.

    Whilst I agree with the changes in principle, I don't agree with the implementation.
  • I agree very much with what Akkarin said, and the following comments. Very well put. I love what the Citadel folks are doing but we are here to provide feedback and I think some of these changes, especially for pure crafters, are a bit brutal. I would have liked to see ALL the carpentry crafter orders fixed before nerfing vendor prices. And just started a Crafter for everything but carpentry, hesitant to even bother with BS now. Also, if anything was spawning bots/macroers, it was the cotton farms. Seems like Fab should have been nerfed before smithing, or something done about the botters. And my crafter does Fab so while I am enjoying it now, it does seem a bit unfairly balanced. Still early days tho!
  • StevroStevro Perth, Australia
    This change was needed, in time it will make more sense.
    This will greatly effect supply and demand, you will not notice this immediately however.
    this will also begin to increase the value of the lower tier items (iron) at the moment the reason its so difficult to sell to players is because of the abundance of the raw materials. as this has been reduced and gear starts to break or be lost, players will need to buy new gear, I was actually expecting a cut in the durability also, to further promote the buying of new weapons and armours.
  • You get it Stevro and soon players will understand how this will help save the game/economy long term.
  • I completely enjoying these updates, was kinda fun mining knowing you could get ganked and that obsidian ore was worth something. And it looks like 2 players were trying to gank me, but luckily i was able to get away with all my loot :) Nice job guys
  • Stevro said:

    This change was needed, in time it will make more sense.
    This will greatly effect supply and demand, you will not notice this immediately however.
    this will also begin to increase the value of the lower tier items (iron) at the moment the reason its so difficult to sell to players is because of the abundance of the raw materials. as this has been reduced and gear starts to break or be lost, players will need to buy new gear, I was actually expecting a cut in the durability also, to further promote the buying of new weapons and armours.

    Pretty much this. I too hope durability gets nerfed at some point or perhaps increased chance of destruction upon death. My only issue right now though is red are camping prime mining spots outside of town, not sure what's expected of a miner to get ore if red are controlling the area. Sure you can get friends or a guild but they're not going to come everytime. And the moment this becomes a guild or grouped focus mmo (in order to progress), it's going to fail miserably.
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