bendage self

do u know command for bendage self.... tried with /custom but doesn't work
how is the right command?
"use bendages... ??? "


  • The right command is: "useresource Bandage self". But I noticed that it does not work on yourself, you always have to press the G key to heal yourself. If you put bandage on your toolbar it is the same.

    I need to know how heal self without push the key G, if is it possible. I dunno because the command "self" does not work...
  • You can map your bandage key to G or the target self key to your use bandage button for a double tap self heal.
  • ixxxoixxxo Slovakia
    Whoa, what a nice tip, thanks Xano!
  • how can u map a key on G ?
  • MntrMntr
    Under the map you have a setting button -> Keyboard -> and there you go
  • thx man
  • I tried, it works, but lose enemy target when i use heal because target myself. i must click again on target or use tab key to continue attack. Where am I wrong?
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