How To Report Playtest Bugs

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Welcome to our Pre-Alpha Bug Report Forum! The purpose of this area is to report bugs and issues you experience while playing Shards Online. We're extremely grateful for your help in bug smashing so we can make Shards Online a better game for us all.

To reduce the number of duplicate reports, we ask that you use the search function and avoid creating a new thread if the same bug has already been reported. If you wish to contribute further information, please post a reply to the existing thread.

Please briefly describe the bug or issue in the title of your thread, so our team can quickly jump to work.

Try to include as much of the following information as possible to help us replicate your bug:
  • Type of Internet connection/speed
  • Computer Hardware/Operating System Specifications
  • Date and Time the bug occurred
  • Frequency (Always Happens, Sometimes Happens, Happened Once/Could not reproduce)
  • NPC/Hostile/Item names involved
  • What you were doing when the error occurred
  • What happened when you encountered the error
  • What you expected to happen instead
  • Steps to reproduce the error
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