Open Beta Server Downtime & Rollback

Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator
Today our Open Beta server encountered a technical issue which has resulted in the server being taken down for maintenance.

We have identified the problem, corrected it and taken the steps to ensure it will not again occur. The Open Beta server is now back online and healthier than ever.

Unfortunately, the fix will require a rollback in order to maintain the integrity of the server. We apologize for any inconvenience caused but thank you again for your participation - better we tackle these obstacles now rather than later!


  • edited November 2018
    By tasos! It crashed again:/

    edit: Only on my end it seems.
  • I still cant get in the game!
  • Aaand it's gone again :)
  • kickerkicker California
    Hopefully this doesn’t happen too much at the actual launch, but still even the crashes brings back memories....
  • Love the idea of this game. UO started online gaming for me back in the late 90s. I have yet to find a similar game that engrossed me as much as Ultima. I have been wishing for years that they would just update the graphics and have everything else the same. LOA has potential, but I think it is far from ready to launch. I have spent more time trying to log in today, than I have been able to play. Unless I am missing something, I don't see much improvement in the game content or play from when I played several months ago.
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