is game offline? i cant login long time

skiletaskileta georgia
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is game offline? i cant login long time


  • Closed Beta II (No NDA)
    Server Status: Offline
  • You must log in to a community server, using the direct link box under the server list before it times out.

    There is supposed to be a final NDA test before launch. It was scheduled for Oct 2, but is in a state of delay. Hopefully one last test run soon, we are weeks from head start.
  • i dont undestend how i must login plz show me
  • There is a list of community servers here:

    After you find the one you want to try, copy the address.

    Example: Legends of Ultima is

    Login to the game. The server list will try to find the servers. It can’t because the official server is offline. It will time out after about one minute.

    Before the server list times out, you must paste the server address in the box at the bottom, then click connect. Since you already copied the address, you can simply click in the box and hit control+V

    This will directly connect you to the community server.

    Note: when the official server is up, the server list will populate normally.
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