Legends of Ultima server

I know this belongs on the community message boards, but nobody answered my post in 2 days so I'm copying it here.

Is the server down? I'm suddenly getting the message "No server matching that IP address found." The address worked fine the other day. Is there a place I can go to see if that specific server is down? I tested aaddresses on other community servers and they worked fine.

The download version I'm running is 071b
This is the address I'm typing on the login page: cluster1.shardsonline.com:5040


  • SinistarSinistar Whidbey Island
    im having the same isssue.
  • NefariousNefarious Community Server Admin and Subreddit Mod
    I saw someone post that their server is currently down for updates.

    I would check their discord or their personal website for information.
  • edited October 2018
    Now getting the message "Special access is required to log into this server." Please select a different server.....

    Sounds like I might have been banned for macroing Arms Lore. If I was banned for that, it's a pretty crappy way of doing it. At least send the person a clear message with warning instead of being so secretive about it. On the wiki page it says unattended macroing is permitted as long as you aren't creating resource scalping bots. All I was doing was holding down my programmable mouse keys for arms lore.

    But I'm also getting the same message randomly as in the first post.... so maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. Guess I'll try again tomorrow.
  • MntrMntr mentorq@gmail.com
    Have you try Discord ? Go there and ask about it :)
  • Yea, it was just an error. Was able to log on normally today.

    Kinda scared me because I read macroing was allowed on that server as long as you aren't creating resource gathering macro bots. That's not what I'm doing.
  • KethicKethic Antarctica
    macro allowed? we need a loader :dizzy:
  • Tried the server. Ran around for over an hour and didn't find a single animal or mob npc. Given the traffic/chat I'm going to guess the server has about 5-10 people on at any given time. Really wish I could be proven wrong because LoU was what I was excited the most about.
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