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I wanted to touch bases with the team on the current referral system, because it's currently a little bit buggy.

Currently, unless you click on the link and buy the game right away, if you were to return to the store category after checking out the game and deciding to purchase it, the referral would be wiped and you'd end up purchasing it without referring anyone.

I have about three friends who got the game and didn't realize this, ultimately losing me out on credit for the invites, which is really upsetting granted that the bonus is pretty hefty, and I'd also like to get a recent amount of 'proof in the pudding' when addressing how many people I convince to get and support the game, in case I ever apply for any position.

Personally, I suggest that the referral link be a number instead

(For example, my referral is:)

And people interested in placing you as their referral simply put in the code that you have that is unique to your account (So, 65-2952) as they are purchasing the game. This way, I can PM it to someone after hyping them up about the game, they can put it in at their leisure when/if they decide to get it, and there's no possibility of them 'doing it wrong' since it'd be an optional box to type data into when creating your account.

That's just my two cents - please leave a comment if you have a better solution or have had similar issues before, and want to share anything that might be helpful.


  • I think a referral code is better than a link. I've also not gotten credit for a referral because they browsed to a different section of the website before buying.
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