Australian Server for Launch

Hi All! name's Rob, I'm a gamer from Sydney, AU.

In regards to my MMORPG experience, I played the original Ultima Online, and every other game that looked even remotely similar to this, i.e. Ragnarok Online, you name it... a lot of these games were insanely fun to play with a community where I feel this will be no different.

I work as a Sr. IT Consultant & am particularly confident around systems, I've hosted many servers before on varied infrastructure from personal to full data-centre fleets, upon being interested in playing this game myself & trialing the 300ms environment, I got innately more interested in hosting the 'Australian' side of things for Citadel.

As our populous is small in ANZ, does Citadel have any intention to have a (registered/official AU server?) Or can this be community funded to support a positive outcome? Longstory short, I was paying $25 for Ultima in the 90s when it felt like $100 a month, now that we've got an opportunity to relive the badboi, I want to make sure we have all the motivation for an AU server fired up!!!


  • MoriensMoriens Australia
    Hey from Brisbane. I don’t think the playerbase is there for a Sydney official at Launch, but I believe CS was open to other servers if we could hit the numbers in a region.

    I too would love better than 300ms ping, but players make the game. It’ll be interesting to see if players go for local community servers in the long haul; I seem ok on the 300 ping but wonder how I’ll feel in PvP which I’ve actively avoided in testing..
  • MoriensMoriens Australia
    On this I am part of a pretty large ANZ guild which are keen to try LoA.. I am hoping to recruit over a hundred for the launch week if CS can smash out trial keys that week; pretty sure by and large most who try will buy..
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