Founders Pack items

Hey Guys,

If we buy a founders pack now do the items come across in the full version?

Also can I play now or is the testing now finished?



  • MoriensMoriens Australia
    Hey fellow Aussie :smile:.
    Yes. And no, but servers will be up for short periods between now and launch. Next one is Tuesday 18/09 (US time, so Wednesday here).
  • Great thankyou :)

    Im a UO vetern :) cannot wait to play!
  • You will get your founders pack items after final wipe. The official server is dark now and will open up next week or the week after for some NDA testing. Steam Early Access should start in October.
  • Hello, I was a founder way back in the olden kickstarter days, but haven't been around form some time.

    My question is, what do I need to do to play on steam when the (re-branded) game goes live there?



  • MoriensMoriens Australia
    @TEEM - haven’t seen anything on that myself...
  • @TEEM - my understanding is that as a backer from kickstarter you already "own" the game and once it launches on steam you will be able to redeem a code or something along those lines to have it tied to your steam account, but that is assuming you backed the game on kickstarter. An easy way to check is to look at "My Account" on the site and see what information they have for your account there, if it shows you as a backer, you are golden.
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