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Looking for guild

Hi there,
looking for EU server, English speaking guild. Going to start play with "artisan".
If someone gathering people, leave me a message.


  • PetrPetr Czech Republic
    Hi, will use your topic as I'm in a very same situation. I would like to find any EU guild, which will not require 100% attendance. Something rather casual, as I don't have too much time for gaming as in UO age :blush:
    I don't have a requirement for language, but If there is going to form any Czech guild, then I will prefer it and will be very pleased if you let me know.
  • NefariousNefarious Community Server Admin and Subreddit Mod
    When the game launches there will be an official EU server. I have no doubt that steam will increase player population by a decent amount. That will be primetime to find a guild.

    The best thing to do in order to build a solid community is for all of us to tell people about the game, get friends involved, and really post positive reviews when the steam page is up. This will get a lot more players into the game.
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