Mini Event: Hot Bar Crash Test

TeufelTeufel Aria
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Ok guys and gals. This PvP Event to test the hot bar crash will be tomorrow, Saturday the 1st of September at 4pm Eastern in UHHH pit (now half pit as houses have decayed) just outside the Crossroads tower. Now just outside Oasis gate. Our goal is to crash our own hot bars and submit bug reports when it happens. The first 10 toons who show up between 4pm and 5pm Eastern and stick around for the test will get one gold paid to them by myself one month after SEA. Easy money, fun and nothing to lose (we are going dark in 3 days)! Tell your friends!

Check in with me at the mini event.

Background: The current hotbar stops responding. This sometimes happens when 6 to 8+ Players are in the same area at the same time and all using hotbars to heal, cure, etc.


  • TeufelTeufel Aria
    edited September 1
    This player run mini testing-event has been moved to just outside Oasis gate. The first 10 toons to show up and partake will be added to the list to get a whole 1 gold one month after SEA starts. If less than 10 show up, the remaining gold will be divided evenly by those who partook.

    Today, Saturday the 1st of September at 4pm - 5pm Eastern.
  • HotBar Event - 9/1/2018 @ 4:00pm Eastern. Ends @ 5pm Eastern.

    Rules: First ten toons to show up and actively partake in the event (PvP, moving, using hot bar, reporting hotbar crashes and any other bugs via "report bugs")
    and staying active until 5pm eastern or later will receive 1 gold a month after SEA starts. Anyone who leaves early will have their redemption code disabled and gold released for
    someone else. If less than 10 toons show up and partake for the full event, extra gold will be divided evenly to those who partook. This is a player run testing-event.
    Gold will be paid one month after SEA start. One month or later after SEA start player must contact Teufel and send him redemption code to get gold in game.

  • TeufelTeufel Aria
    edited September 1
    Thanks to all who came out! Keep those redemption codes to redeem!

  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Thx @Teufel
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