Mage Support Heal

Mage heals on other players is far too powerful. I know it comes down to targeting mage first etc...

But the event showed it is simply too powerful. Mage heals on other players should be just slightly nerfed. Not drastically, but just a little.


  • NefariousNefarious Community Server Admin and Subreddit Mod
    The issue is that some players may choose to go a cleric route. So if someone wants to be a dedicated healer, there’s only one school of magic to support that. How do you deal with those people?
  • EviloneEvilone A remote hidden bunker
    When dedicated pvpers say the healing is too strong and spec into it means that the issue needs to be addressed. I suggest modifying mana cost to be about the same amount of healing given similar to the amount of mana needed to do that much damage.
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    So 140 mana to heal 140 health?
  • BoeserBubBoeserBub ...
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    *delete my post please*
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