Disconnects [FIXED]

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EDIT: I was getting disconnected nonstop after just installing it. I uninstalled a web filter and it stopped. It's strange though the filter only works for webpages but it somehow flagged the server and keeps pulling the plug. If anyone is experience similiar issue see if its some type of filter that's blocking.


  • Okay 7 times now. I'm in Valrus city if it makes a difference... Giving up for now. Hope it gets fixed. Thanks
  • I have never experienced what you are experiencing. I hate to hear you are having to deal with this, but have hope this can be resolved and you can get some good gaming in. Have you tried sending an email and creating a ticket/bug report?
  • Thanks Jahjohama, It's something to do with the official server for sure because i'm on the Ultima server now and it's very stable with no disconnects. I will try the LoA server again in a bit and put in a bug report I guess.

    Pretty disappointed to be honest, I hope it will get fixed. Thanks!
  • Lead Dev said he broke something earlier today and has already fixed it. This isn't normal. Just bad timing for you.
  • It seems to be fixed now yes. But i think could have been a web filter I was using. It seems to have flagged the server and keeps pulling the plug on it. I uninstalled it and no more disconnect. Weird that the community servers dont have this issue though. I will change the title of the thread, don't want the forum to have so many negative threads. Mods, if you see this, please make a note that web filters seems to be blocking the connection to the server. Maybe make a new sticky incase other people experience this during launch. Feel free to delete this thread.
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado
    I have had this happen to me before, and it was because i had a windows update pending. I completed the windows update, (restarted) and it was all good from then on.
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