Newbie fishing feedback

Disclaimer: I don't know if any of this changes at higher skill levels, but I kinda doubt it.

- Soaked maps are way too common. Would recommend significantly decreasing the base drop rate (sub 1%) and increasing it for fishing schools of fish (to encourage people to run around fishing instead of just afk macroing it).

- Loot from soaked maps is complete shit. 5 silver was the best I saw (plus worthless scrolls and a couple regs). Definitely not worth running around the world trying to find them. Ditto for SOS's (got 2 silver for the one I did. Woopdi-fucking-doo.)

- Fish fillets weigh more than the fish you filleted them from. Illogical.

- Is there anything to do with fish other than cook & sell to players? I remember reading about NPCs buying them, but I haven't had any luck with that.

- Schools of fish can spawn on top of bridges.


  • Got a pillow, so I guess there's more to soaked maps than just one kill worth of silver.

    Also got 5 soaked maps in a there an invisible cartographer standing next to me throwing these things in the water?
  • Having a lot of problems with fished up chests spawning out of line-of-sight.

    Some soaked maps don't list their location on the tooltip after they've been decoded.
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado
    When fishing up chests, step away from the water a bit and fish it up. That will get around the line of sight.

    There isnt much more to chests than what you saw. Couple pilllows and a couple paintings.

    There is rumor that the t3 maps are in; but no one has found them yet (to my knowledge), in this CB that is. But CS assures us they are in.

    5 in maps in a row: congrats! you will have time you go an hour without getting one. :)

    The tooltip goes away at somepoint, either logging or zoning or time or something. Honestly, i just dont bother with it any more. I just sort them into bags based on location to fish them up in bundles. (typically 20 of a location at a time.)

    GM - after skill 40, i have not seen any differences at all, all the way to GM. I tried protected, ran to every pool i could find, etc. No change in map rate, no more interesting fish other than a 4 eyed one ONCE in all my time. So, if you enjoyed it at 40, you will enjoy it at GM. If you are hoping for more, well - as of now, there isnt more unless you want to help try to find that damn T3 and tell me where its at!!! hehe

  • Tattered SOS (uncommon drop from Soaked Map chests) gives half the silver of soaked map chests.

    Soaked maps can be fished up even when an area is "fished out," making them easily botted.
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