Friday's 6x GM Event - Conclusion

PetrPetr Czech Republic
As you typed that you would like to hear from us the feelings, opinions, recommendations.

I managed to try two chars, but not fully. The time was running so quickly :)

Heavy Fighter with hiding.
100 Bashing 35 Strength
100 Blocking 30 Agility
100 Healing 10 Intelligence
100 Vigor 35 Constitution
100 Heavy armor 30 Wisdom
100 Hiding 10 Will

For solo farming the hiding was nice benefit when you get overhaul or just want to go for coffee. To be honest, he manage to kill even the hardest mobs like Drake, Stone Elemental, and so on, but you have to kill them with hit & run. This will probably be my starting char which I switch for PvP later.

Manifestation Tamer
100 Animal Lore 30 Strength
100 Animal Taming 20 Agility
100 Beastmastery 45 Intelligence
100 Healing 30 Constitution
100 Channeling 15 Wisdom
100 Manifestation 10 Will

Have very little time to test if the stats are good like this. I have only one hour left after I manage to find wyvern to tame. But this combination seems very nice to me. You can heal with manifestation from safe spot for about 90% efficiency for a cost of regents or you can jump in and combine it together to produce ultra heal to your wyvern who’s got about 2000 HP. I tested his killing capabilities on Drakes and he manage to kill them without problem. If you heal him little bit, he can kill 2 at once. He also make a great tank. Definitely will be my PvE Character. I'm just little bit worried about resurrecting your pets when there start to be a mess on a field as you have to target his corpse to bring him back. Please consider to make pets ghosts after they die which will follow you with reduced movement. Or make a visual effect on corpse which "contains" spirit to be resurrect.

Other things to be considered:
- Resurrecting humans with bandages acts same like resurrecting pets I mentioned above? Not 100% sure but if that’s correct, than change it please on one of the way I mentioned. This way also resurrecting with spell is much more powerful comparing to bandages.

- Add auto stacking function when you put any stackable items to bag by dragging on the bag. (Or any other container)

- Add buffs and debuffs to nameplates. To know when you can bandage target again, if he is still buffed and so on.

- Connected to point above, make poison more visible. Change all nameplates healthpool to red color (now your is red, others are green - why?) and when character get poisoned than his healthbar turns green.

- Add line with counter for defined things - weight, reagents, bandages, whatever you add… I know you want your interface minimalistic, but let us feel some optional comfort rather than forcing everyone to suffer :)


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