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Ciunay_RagatholCiunay_Ragathol Europe, Italy
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Hi, first of all, i'm glad to see that Mythic is back, and when i heard that name, i instantly preordered this game, more or less the year 2016, but now i finally decided to try it. I played DAoC from 1999 to 2007. I also played UO but not as much as DAoC.

I know it's closed beta but i want to tell you something:
- The atmosphere in game is awesome, looks like an old school MMO, but i'm a conservator, so i'd really like to remove that radar. I hate theme park MMOs like WoW and everything is main streaming.
- Why there are unofficial servers? It's not good splitting population in a MMO. I would love a single official server like DAoC.
- The Mage combat is very weird, not to say annoying. I didn't play enough to be sure but my first impression is that should be improved.
- The camera rotation speed requires a sensitivity option.
- What's the player cap on the official server?
- Why do i ping 118 on the official server? I'm from Europe.
- And above all... what's the "Founders Only Shard"? I suppose you are going to say it's nothing pay-to-win, but everything that affects the gameplay, is still an advantage, even if it's a little advantage.


  • Ciunay_RagatholCiunay_Ragathol Europe, Italy
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    Now i know what's so annoying: the pre-cast.
    Why do you need to click your target again to cast the spell?
    You should directly cast the spell against the target when you press the quickbar button.
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    you are definitly not a UO guy.
    So to be honest, Pre-Casting is fine as it is!
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