Why are they releasing on Steam when the games not ready?

Why are they releasing on Steam when the games not ready?

Look, I want this game to succeed - which is exactly why I was shocked about the email this morning about launching on Steam so soon. WTF!

They aren't even listening to the community and the game isn't finished?

Those early steam reviews will make or break the game and the second wave of community members. The steam reviewers will be 10x more harsh and 10x less invested than we are.

I think this is it folks, this things dead on arrival because Citadel simply don't think they need to listen to us. It's going to be painful to tell them "We told you so" but someone there thinks they can launch this thing in it's current state and not listen to their customers - it's on them now.


  • They have to. At the current rate they are going, the game would take another 5 years to get to an acceptable release state. At least if they release it on Steam, they might get a few people to buy it based on using UO's name in the description. But yeah, the reviews are going to absolutely murder it.
  • Umm 5 years? No way. You do realize that aside from some lacking content and a few game breaking bugs, the game is actually in a very good state for an Early Access title. They have 2 months to add content which is the EASIEST thing to add, and fix the bugs that ruin the experience (getting stuck, crashing, lag/performance) and then the game is in a good state for EA.

    The bad reviews won't come from it being buggy, they will come from people that don't understand what kind of game it is, expecting a traditional "MMO" game and then getting PKed and looted dry only to immediately go whine in a review about how the game sucks. Or expecting to become a god mage or warrior in a few hours and find that even after a week of playing they still struggle to kill newb mobs. They won't get their instant gratification in this game- so give it a bad review.

    This game is like anchovies.....to a select group of people they are wonderful and they crave them but to the majority of people they are disgusting. It isn't that there is anything WRONG with the anchovies, but they just are not for everyone. Anchovies get BAD reviews from most people because they simply don't like them or have never experienced them.

    Main point is, even if the game was in your mind 100% ready for EA....it will still get bad reviews just because of the type of game it is.

  • beater07 said:

    Umm 5 years? No way.

    Ok maybe 4 years.
    But it's definitely years.
    Don't compare an unfinished game to a food or tastebuds.. that's silly.

    I was given a 7 day trial to give the game a go, and couldn't make it through the 2nd day, hell even the first day was a pain because of bugs glitches, lag, AI problems and memory leaks, not sure what game you're playing or how high you are but this game has a long ways to go.

    And that's not including the 2003 graphics, attempt at an ugly realistic map, non-smooth combat animations, repeated sounds with no variety.
    Moddable sandbox right? and releasing to steam with minimalism modding capabilities.. that alone is a negative review.

    I would like this game to go in a direction that's good, but spraying a turd with deodorant won't help the devs make something better.
    But yeah release to steam, hell take the game down for a month, don't let your supports backers, fans play your game while you continue to make it.

    It all seems like a weird and stupid strategy to me.

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    I feel sorry for anybody who pledged/donated more than the bare minimum to play this game, as they should have more voice than everybody else.

    I am hopeful, and we must stay positive, and we must debate any negativity with any newcomers as well, for the sake of the game.
  • Game is more than ready for Early Access.
  • ArazielAraziel United States
    You probably haven't played that many early access games. Terraria had way less content when it came out on steam. What they really need to do is get custom assets working and allow anyone to make their own servers.
  • I agree - it isn't that far away.
  • Adding content is good but in my opinion the devs of this game really needs to focus on performace if they plan to release this so soon. After all, content will be created by other people willing to create a server.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    We all want anchovies!
  • I think people are getting Steam Early Access mixed up with a Steam launch.

    For those of you who haven't noticed, a new client was released the day before yesterday. It takes care of the memory leaks. From what I can tell, the back end is complete. Now we need to add content (the easy part) and tweak balancing a bit here and there.

    In my opinion, this is a good time for the final wipe, the one week head start and then SEA.
  • I don't think the game is ready for any sort of release at the moment but surprise me.
  • I hope the game is never "finished".
  • beater07beater07 America
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    Awwkwward said:

    Don't compare an unfinished game to a food or tastebuds.. that's silly.

    Sorry, but can you elaborate on what specifically makes that analogy 'silly' compared to the other two billion analogies people make every day of which you have no problem with? [snip]

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  • To be honest, beater07 is correct in his analogy.

    Is it a 100% for everyone that gives it a bad review... no, but for sure plays a large part.
  • I liked the analogy and I like anchovies...
  • The optimisation will never happen in only two months. Most people with lap-tops who usually can play quite demanding games will not even be able to run this game.

    There need to be a disclaimer such as:
    "For anyone that doesn't have a dedicated graphics card for this game. It will be unplayable for you."
    Most people will make the logical connection between
    "I can play this graphics heavy *insert title* game - hence I should be able to play LoA with such simple graphics."

    I'm not sure I want to play on a small windows mode that makes it hard to even see what is happening for this to run smooth.

    But I'm all for being happily surprised if they do make it 'till release.
  • I was able to load this on my laptop, and the graphics are not nearly as demanding as some other games I play, so not sure what you are referring to.
  • I was able to load this on my laptop, and the graphics are not nearly as demanding as some other games I play, so not sure what you are referring to.

    No delays, laggs and low fps?
    It loads for me too. But I need to go down on windows mode for the delay to get a bit better.
  • RelsanctRelsanct Costa Rica
    I play this game on my surface pro 4 sometimes, it does not have a dedicated graphics card and runs the game just fine. Not sure you ´have´to have a dedicated graphics card but you do need something with a bit of power to it.
  • Feedback is a gift we provide that Citadel needs to keep flowing. And not from just the same people. Don't get me wrong, backers and early investors are very important and vital to the community. The die-hard fans that have been playing and reporting bugs and feedback since day 1 are paramount to this titles success.

    However, there is a reason the recent event had the incentive it did because without pushing that envelope, they may not get the true turnout they needed to get the testing and results they need to fine tune the game. And by having a higher influx of people playing the game (even briefly), you will in turn generate more feedback. Whether that be positive or constructive it's all valuable to them.

    I have seen games go to early access and get slammed with bad reviews but the one thing we can do as a community is rally together and continue to provide constructive feedback and up-vote the quality feedback provided through the steam platform and help support Citadel and LoA find success so that we can all get what we truly want out of this. Which is a game that echoes for 10+ years as something you can pick up and drop many times over the years and still get that nostalgic fun gaming feeling you had when you enjoyed the best aspects of a challenging game like UO and the rich communities they created.

    I am worried about the Steam EA a bit, and I agree that many of the individuals who would provide 'low quality' reviews will be people who simply don't understand the game and the speed of character progression, among other things. But I also understand why I believe they're releasing in EA and if their entire team came together and decided that this was the best decision, I support that effort. While we're working our day jobs and doing what we do, their job is living and breathing LoA to make the best experience possible within their vision and to ultimately make money while doing it. They don't want it to fail because then they have to stop living the dream of being paid to do what they love, creating something we genuinely want to love playing.

    For those that bought in to the game and still take the time to read and post here, it shows you care, even if what you're posting is that you're upset about whats happening. Ultimately we can all agree on one thing. We all want this game to succeed, be enjoyable, and tap into those age old feelings we had when we played games like UO back in the day. The only thing we can do to achieve that is to rally behind the developers until we're shown otherwise and they pack up and leave us with the feeling of being swindled or mislead. I don't anticipate that happening, but it has happened to the best of us. Fingers crossed we can count on Citadel to exceed our expectations. Whether that is in a couple months or 6 months+ after EA.
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