Food, Farming, and Lockdown

We should have farming skill. You can harvest anything by just gathering, but to get the cotton all in one place? Other than growing wild, there should be a farming skill, which allows you to sow seed, wheat, tomatoes, food ingredients and such. You can also grow hemp, and make it a more durable substance than cotton.

I wonder about the food/cooking answer on the stream. I think food can be made fun and bring the game more to life. Complex recipes such as a Grilled Tomato Sunfish Sandwich that give a +20% bonus to Vigor or mana regineration for a limited time, or a slight boost to health regen..

Why not have it to where you can farm any land not owned by someone, and anyone can gather from it, but if you farm your own land, only you can gather from it, or co-owners. Hopefully when they remove keys, they will also refine the lockdown system.

Here is my suggestion. You own the land you drop an item, only you or co-owner can pick it up, it is on semi lockdown and it cannot parish or be picked up by a non owner. Or the primary house owner can lock it down fully so that co-owners cannot touch it. With semi lockdown merchants have access to sell items. Farming on one's own land results in crops being semi-locked. This also brings value to land.

Bonus: You could have extra things to gather in the wild that can help you farm and improve crops.

Phosphate infused soil Common but in the wild (bundle of 10 per gather, can treat 10 plants)
+20% to growth speed

Potassium infused soil Common but in the wild
+10% to Quality Chance (small, med, large tomato, cotton bundle etc).

(Where chance of medium size fruit is Farming Skill%/5, and Large is Skill%/10)
So at 100 skill you have a 10% chance at large size cotton bundles but with Potassium you have a 20% chance.

Nitrogen Crystals Rare Can be combined with phosphates for a 50% increase to growth speed.
+30% to growth speed

Composted Soil Very Rare Can be combined with K for 30% boost to quality
+20% Quality Chance

Max quality/chance at Medium fruit with 100% in farming skill would be 50%.
Max quality/chance at Large fruit with 100% in farming skill would be 40%.

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