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    Swag said:

    What a whiny little bitch.

  • What a whiny little bitch.
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    Swag said:

    What a whiny little bitch.

    Do better. Completley. you waste your own time with such a basic bitch response.
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    A well thought out and thoroughly written comment, I too would like to know why in a game that is based around live server edits requires so much cajoling and player begging to fix even the tiniest minutae.

    Sometimes a post will be made on reddit, and then Supreme swoops in and magically fixes something (awesome stuff, never stop doing that, you are seriously the man for that) -- but a lot of these have been submitted and reported, over and over.

    Look, I have the utmost respect for the dev team, you guys built an amazing engine within an engine. But a lot of us just feel like the dev team might not be taking advantage of the fact that you can make on the fly server tweaks and change values with nothing more than a server restart.

    There's no reason for simple tooltip, weight, price, timer bugs to live as long they do. Those are often not even real bugs, so much as poorly thought through default or initial values. This is the type of stuff that can be rectified almost immediately and give players a sense of things getting polished.
  • Hello,

    My name is Dave, I have been playing so far primarily under the pseudonym 'Lamar Smith.'

    Respect. I have been trying to ask nicely why they can't change something that seems it would take about 15 minutes, tops. I keep hoping that it is some grand secret scheme that carpentry should be so fricking ridiculous. I spent 60+ hours chopping and doing carpentry and it is at 50. I spent about 4 hours on fabrication is at 72. I'm currently testing blacksmithing.

    The frustration lies with the fact that either it is broken permanently, or, they are too lazy to fix it. I'm not the only one that wanted to know about carpentry during the twitch stream. Was told to wait, and did, only to waste an hour waiting for a very dodgy answer.

    Those that are saying leave it hard or you are a casual player haven't actually done it. I'm convinced of that much.

    I don't expect devs to fall all over themselves to fix everything right away but it seems there are many people telling them that there is a problem. Does the CM not properly relay what is going on in the forums?

    I'm perplexed.

  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    A bit tired of carpenters really, yes, we've read dozen times now that carpentry is superslow in this beta phase, everybody knows by now. I'm sure if CS think it needs fixing they'll do it when they see fit.
  • Leave it all alone, wood and board weights being fixed and saddle bags carry weight doubled, your also getting carpentry orders. Don't make things simple so the casuals can play an hour a day for a month then stop playing. Keep the grind, it what makes this game worth playing. If you don't like grinding don't make a carpenter, stick with Fabrication.
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    Wait, what happened? Swag, don't do that again. That's totally unacceptable. I wanted to read the original post, and now I can't.

    I'm going to lock this since it got screwed up by bad life choices, but from what I can still see:

    - We shouldn't actually fix stuff on the fly. That's how you create new bugs. Things need to be submitted and tested and then fixed.

    - Carp just needs another pass, I think. We've got it on the schedule.
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