Character creating issue and a FIX but not a permanent fix!!!

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First of alI i want to thank you guys for the great effort on making of the game.

I purchased the $90.00 pack few days ago,
I downloaded the installer, on a freshly installed window 10 pro. (I’m a computer programmer and technician)
- After installing, I opened the game with no issue as an administrator rights with no issue.
- I logged in to my account (
- I saw the official server that is open and ready with ping, so I clicked connect and took me into a different screen and I had to create/choose a character.
- As soon as I clicked create character asked me for the name for the char. Then after I clicked, create and nothing happened. In addition, when I exited the game and logged back in I would see the create name in there. Moreover, when I selected and clicked play nothing would happen, no error… nothing.
- I assumed it may be bad install or even a bad download, so I re downloaded and re installed and same issue.
- changed to a different computer re-downloaded again and installed but faced with the same issue and nothing…
- I so I went on my friend’s computer, downloaded the file, and installed and exactly same issue.

**** But when I uninstalled the game and asked him to download the game from his account and install it, he did and I used my username ( and my password, I was able to create and modify a char and play with no problem.

Therefor every time I want to create a char I need a friend to download the installer from their account / or log in at their installer so I can create or modify.

*****Can you reset my installer .exe / .bin file or any link associated to them.

I hope this issue helps many other new users in future.

the game has a issue with ports, i changed the operating systems and i reformatted used a friends installer and still couldn't create a character. even tried different internet at home or work, even a friends house.

the issue is that the game the part to create a character uses a different ports, than a click to play.

when i changed my internet provider to a different internet provider the issue was fixed, down here in mexico they give you a modem with router build in and locked.

the provider that is called "Megacable" wont let you create the character.
the provider "telmex" modems allow you to create the character.

so im thinking if you could change the ports it will solve the issue for most kids out there playing in mexico,

easy fix would be that the software developers change the port where you create character.!!!!

Thank you.
-Damon Martinez
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