Ok. So I started a semi-pure mage/healer for the first time to test things out and see how it works. I'd like to know what you think based on my rational. This build would likely be a PvP build when GM, as I did in UO back in the day. Just to keep in mind.

First some noob questions from me.

1. It seems a mage no longer needs to carry a staff. Is this correct? If so, what's the point of staffs?
2. It seems a mage can cast spells with the book in their pack and not equipped. Correct? And if so, why ever hold the book in your hand?
3. Is the noobie spell book you start with blessed?
3. Would adding a shield to a mage build and upping blocking help a mage with their lack of defense based on the fact they mainly wear cloth as to be able to channel? Any downsides besides it taking up one of the 6 skills?

Right now I'm gunning for the following skills and stats:
100 Channeling - So I can focus and for faster mana regen
100 Evocation - For damage dealing spells (I assume this makes them fizzle less and hit harder?)
100 Manifestation - For beneficial spells (I assume this makes them fizzle less and heal more?)
100 Magic Affinity - To make my offensive spells hit harder. Seems strange that this is in addition to Evoc.
100 healing - As an additional way to heal as mages use cloth armor and thus low defense. Maybe replace with a weapon?
100 Vigor - For the big boost to healing. Seems kind of a waste though. maybe replace with blocking?

10 STR - I'm a mage and so don't need to hit hard with weapons. I guess I won't be able to carry much, though.
10 Agility - Don't need to hit fast as I have no weapon. I guess running will be slow, though.
50 Int - For max mana pool and to up my power value for harder hits.
40 to 50 Const - For high health
15 to 20 Wisdom - For a little magic protection. Seems kind of worthless.
15 to 20 Will - For a little stun protection. Seems kind of worthless.

Any advice is welcome.


  • Forgot to ask: Which abilities do you feel is best for a mage? Spell Shield, Spell Chamber, etc.?
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    Carrying a spellbook is cool for roleplay purposes (only).
  • Carrying a spellbook is cool for roleplay purposes (only).

    Maybe they should add an attack skill like "Book Bashing". I mean, that book looks pretty heavy... :wink:
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