Mobs Raiding US!?!?!?!!

JubbinJubbin Washington State
I'd sure like to see mobs raid us...

Like for example, You're in Valus and it's being raided (the town) by undead due to killing a certain amount of undead at the graveyard (let's say after 10,000undead slain) They start getting more aggressive and raid Valus.

Now you and your newb/pro friends have to defend the town and the mayor would reward you for your contributions. unless you fail.

Could be time limited or horde/wave based. Similar to the awakening bosses.

Little lore
Little fun
Simple ^^

Valus would be Undead hordes or Pirates
Pyros would be Orc/Goblins or Bandits.
Oasis could be cultists or the Likzardmen
Helm could be .... I dunno lolol
Black Forest could be Arachnids/Trolls or trees

Like the days of Everquest ^^


  • +1
  • Good idea in theory; annoying in practice.
  • JubbinJubbin Washington State
    Swag said:

    Good idea in theory; annoying in practice.

    Nobody practiced this in this game yet tho ^^ lol
    The mobs would be weak enough for people with 30-50 skill to kill with little trouble.
    And them rewards from the mayor!!!! maybe something cool. unique.
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado
    Sota has something similar, and it's super annoying. There are enough ways to fight mobs, we don't need it in towns too..
  • Like everything else sota probably just sucked at doing it.
  • RelsanctRelsanct Costa Rica
    Firefall tried this also and it didn´t go over too well. It tends to be too big of a inconvenience for a few reasons. For one, it is basically impossible to get the mobs to scale to players. They will either be too hard to kill for a newb or too easy for a veteran. Then there is the issues of just wanting to go into town and bank or use a facility but having to wait until it is clear or hoof it to another town. That is compounded by your equipment dropping to the ground and being difficult to pickup.

    I think having this idea for player towns, or some sort of faction owned areas in the future would be a better option. The party that has control of said town or area could also have to micro manage defenses such as guards and towers to protect the town. Would be great imo
  • +1 for some factions and lore
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