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SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator

(Many of you already knew this, since I started talking about it on Monday, but today's the day I posted it for the wider world.)


  • Could you anticipate anything else ?? pleasee = D
  • My expectations:

  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    We are not announcing the exact launch date.

    Sorry, I can't not crush dreams.
  • Looking forward to it!!
  • beater07beater07 America

    But you are announcing the final wipe date right?
  • PapoloPapolo Poland
    Final wipe ?! NICE . waiting
  • - Are the dates getting pushed back again? If so how do I go about getting a refund?
  • I don't see how they could announce the final wipe if they are not going to announce a launch date.
  • Hopefully they don't plan the release anytime soon.
    This game is as ready to be released as a six year old is to move away from home.
  • That was great. Thanks! I did miss seeing your avatars in game at the Val stage, though. lol.
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    We will be launching the exact October Steam Early Access launch date sometime in September, and the head start week will be one week before that. We've got a target but until we submit the Early Access documentation to Steam and get approval, we can't promise that date. We also want to have our trailer ready to go when we announce the launch date, and we don't have that yet either.

    It may not be ready for a full release on Steam, but Early Access, yes.
  • Congratulations, nice stream and good news. I was starting to get disappointed with the lack of work (at least we wasn't seen here in the forum any important stuff going on for a couple of weeks). Keep it up.
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