Journey to taming

I know it is cb2 and will have a wipe, but that didn’t bother me I wanted to test it out anyways.

When cb2 came out I was not really excited but wanted to do taming anyways so I can at least maybe help test it out and have some input.
The first day I logged on was Saturday, I immediately started taming not long later that nite I made it to 80.2. The server had issues and I couldn’t login that nite so I did not make it to gm. The next day there was a patch, I heard they will slow down skill gains. It didn’t bother me because I gm taming and beast at cb1. Little did I know I was in for surprise. I played 6-8 hours everyday to gm taming. Just taming crabs all day. I actually bought some crabs in the middle of the week for dinner as it was on sale. Anyways, there is no other mobs to level taming off of after 85ish before you can tame spiders then scorpions. This time around ur stuck at crabs. From morning to night crabs. I have watched most of the Netflix series and movies yes even the bad ones.
Yesterday I GMed taming, still nothing good to tame. Of to do beast master for the next 3 weeks. By the time I gm beast it will be time to wipe. I wonder if the close on close beta test means hush hush. Anyways I’ll try and gm beastmastery
What are we testing exactly? I’m sure no one here cares about testing 80 skill content. I would be ok with this slow skill gain if it was for keeps.
Keep us interested to test things instead of making us all play community servers.

I don’t know what the punch line of this joke is but I hope it will be good.


  • in what situation is the tamer? works correctly? I see it getting worse and worse as the date approaches
  • Hello Fightz,
    I just started on LoA and did some taming experiments. Started with 30 Taming and 30 Lore and worked on wolves and hinds for about 3 ours. I was able to tame them every 5 to 10 attempts. I was surprised to see that I gained only 1% from 30% to 31% on both Taming and Lore. Is this normal? Seems way too slow to me.
    Should I work on different creatures?

    Thanks! ;)
  • I think the tamer is not going very well raises very slowly the creatures that tames are not worth anything to lvl low and when you tame something always has the same characteristics, very far from what they want to do I think
  • FightzFightz
    Sorry guys havent payed much attention.
    Ive took 2 days off taming but im started again 2 days ago on 3 hours a day. basically from my calculation 25-30 beast was 6 hours on giant scorpions. Sometimes though you do get a burst of 1.0 beast mastery in 30 min.

    Yes it is very slow and unpredictable. i suggest not taming unless your target are horses.
  • As someone who has been watching this game from a distance for a while and thinking of purchasing to jump in i'm very curious about the overall state of taming. I mained a tamer/mage in the good old days of UO and would love to get back to a similar combo in this new game. It's sounding like from the very little i've been able to dig up that the game isn't in that state yet and likely won't be for some time? I don't really have the time available anymore to grind endlessly with the end goal of taming a few horses? Thanks for any feedback!
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    like some one said already, they have no idea what they are doing about taming, basicly they wanted to make it harder, and now there no more tammer on official(We can admit they dont really need any testers for that skill:p)
    My guess is tamer gonna be removed from game or just let like it is now, mean, play 1 hour get 0.1, by the time you ll get gm tamer, servers gonna be empty, so if you realy enjoy tamer you should wait for other server's to do something, i already saw one guy with some cool mount's on other server's while in official you just waste time, and energy for actualy nothing, they are prety much aware that taming is broken they just dont realy care ^^, its not ultima online its legend of arya, even if there some stuff really close, they're job isnt to make ultima online 2018

    My point of view on this is.. This game is fun like uo was, there some news feature like 3D and camera which are just a blast. But yeah skill grinding too high is pointless for a mmo, when you look at all the mmorpg, they just popular on Fresh start, for some reasons :) after that every game getting empty and even if the game is good.
    So i dont know realy what they planned but, to me it seem realy pointless to push tamer at early release, on official at least

    and to be honest, legend of arya seem way more balance than uo whithout power scroll, so dont focus only on taming, espcially that mage dps tamer you have in mind, since you have 600 stats and 300 of it are spent in Lore, Taming, Beastmastery... plus the fact that Mage dps and Mage Buffer/healer isnt the same skills x) Just forget Ultima online.. And enjoy if you can Legend of arya is my best advice :p
  • PARADOXU said:

    My guess is tamer gonna be removed from game

    Or they could have used the role as a means to test skill gain rates, since being a tamer has a pretty set skill list and is popular. I mean, this is a beta and they are fine tuning many things........
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