Ram problem

Hi everyone. I have 8GB ram, i expected no problems (4GB minimum, 8GB recomended), but my PC close the game because run out of ram with only that runing. I cant continue playing, sorry i cant help with the stress test :/


  • It happen to me too, i think the problem isn't the 8GB, but a memory-leak problem.. Maybe bad unity's garbage collector optimization? dunno, but the ram get fulled slowely until the crash :x
  • A few weeks ago I was monitoring my memory usage and it was pretty bad. I was using up to 7-8 GB for memory. Memory leak is/was a real problem. Had to restart the game every so often. And a few people believe they found the cause of it but nothing has been announced yet about it :(

    I'm sure it'll be fixed eventually - keep posting new things you notice!
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