Is there a way to be a writer in game?

Can you write your books and lore for your background story?


  • ISVRaDaISVRaDa Comunidad FURIA []
    edited November 2018
    Hi Ravicus, your name sounds familiar to me :p

    Would be awesome be able to write and publish/sell our books or notes, something like we saw in UO.
  • NefariousNefarious Community Server Admin and Subreddit Mod
    I’m not sure. UO did have a neat system with the books. There used to be libraries with tons of player written books in them. I once spent a few hours in one, just reading...
  • I know there is a "Red Book" byt the inscription table, u can buy it and write on it
  • How do you write into book? Didn't found out yet.
  • Rigth click the red book then click write
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